History of the Maine Professional Guides Association

The Maine Professional Guides Association (MPGA) has worked on many legislative bills, agency rules and policies over the years. Some of the notable milestones and achievements in our history include:

  • 1979 - Wayne Bosowicz & Finley Clarke meet at Katahdin Lodge to plan what might be done to enhance the outdoor experience in the State of Maine, particularly in hunting, fishing and related activities.

  • 1979 - Wayne Bosowicz & Finley Clarke organize first meeting of guides in Sebec to formally form the Association.

  • 1982 - MPGA adopts Code of Ethics.

  • 1989 - MPGA resolves guiding industry insurance availability problem by arranging for liability coverage for members, with over 50 members immediately signing on.

  • 1992 - MPGA was instrumental in founding the Sportsmen Forest Landowners Alliance (S/FLA) to improve relations between these two interests and to resolve conflicts before having them become a political crisis.

  • 1992 - MPGA begins quarterly meetings with Department of IF&W Commissioner.

  • 1999 - MPGA successfully lobbies to add a professional experience requirement to the "Master Guide" designation.

  • 2000 - MPGA successfully lobbies to change the PFD requirements for fishing from a canoe.

  • 2004 - MPGA raised $250,000 to prevail against the referendum to end bear hunting.

  • 2005 - MPGA prevents the posting of many thousands of acres by supporting landowners and leading a coalition of other sporting groups to oppose Governor Baldacci's Sunday hunting proposal.

  • 2006 - MPGA and others join to form the Natural Resource Network, a coalition of forestry, commercial fishing, farming and recreation groups who support the sustainable use of Maine's natural resources.

  • 2007 - MPGA's deer committee participates in a yearlong review of deer population issues that resulted in recommendations for restoring northern and eastern Maine's deer herd.

  • 2007 - MPGA collaborates with the United States Sportsman Alliance to defeat a federal lawsuit filed by anti-hunters.

  • 2007 - MPGA participates in a review of public land management policies to protect access by hunters and other users, with one result being the creation of the Recreation/Conservation Landowner Forum similar to the SFLA.

  • 2007-2008- MPGA intervenes in LURC hearings for Plum Creek's Moosehead Lake concept plan in order to assure that public access and hunting are protected.

  • 2008 - MPGA participates in a yearlong review of deer predation issues that resulted in recommendations for increases in coyote population control.

  • 2010  - Cooperating with The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on a project that delivers information about specific bodies of water including member guides.