Why Join the Maine Professional Guides Association?

There are many reasons to join the MPGA! Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • Networking - Joining the MPGA will give you the opportunity to meet others who share common interests, spark the beginning of new business relationships, and collaborate with other people and organizations on issues affecting guides.
  • Cost Saving Discount Program - MPGA offers a special purchasing program, the “Pro-Plan” that gives members discounts on gear and supplies.
  • Representation - The MPGA fights and wins victories for members and the guiding industry through its lobbying efforts and advocacy programs.  By becoming a member of MPGA you are helping support these efforts and giving us strength in numbers.
  • Access to Information - By joining MPGA you will get firsthand news of issues that affect the guiding community through our quarterly newsletter and through frequent email updates news.
  • Growing your Business – Being listed as a member on the MPGA’s website is a great way to connect with potential customers, and shows that you meet MPGA’s high standards.
  • Special Events - MPGA has frequent meetings to discuss topics of concern. We also host an annual banquet and attend sportsman shows and sporting events throughout the year. Information, promotion and networking takes place during each of these activities.
  • Regulatory Wins - MPGA's legislative and advocacy efforts have resulted in wins for all categories of guides and all sporting interests.
  • Committee Involvement - Involvement in an MPGA Committee can give you in-depth knowledge of issues, direct contact with various state agency leaders, and contacts with other guides and organizations all that while helping to protect guiding.