The 2015 Super Raffle Drawing was held yesterday at the annual general membership meeting in Bangor. The total raised was $19,625.00. Those who sold $700.00 worth of tickets and awarded an MPGA membership are:  Andrew Smart, Charles Busnack and Ryan Shepard. 

Those who sold $1,500.00 worth of tickets and awarded a Henry .22 Magnum are:  Bob Parker (1 gun), Brenda Cole (1 gun), Don Lewis (1 gun), Jess Libby (4 guns!), Jim Butler (1 gun), Sasha Gowell (1 gun) and Tenley Bennett (1 gun).  A total of 10 guns will be awarded in April at the MPGA Annual Banquet.

Trip Winners are as follows:
Fresh or salt Water Fishing 
Randy Gentry(GA) Seller: Jess Libby

Bear over Bait                                      
Kathi Keifer (PA)Seller:  Sean Lizotte

Bear with Hounds
Jeff Johnson (MA)Seller:  Bob Parker

Turkey or Rabbit Hunt                           
Roger Lewis (Canada) Seller:  Don Lewis

Jake Lesch (TX) Seller: Jess Libby

Whitetail Deer                                       
Eric Wrightman  (ME)Seller:  Darrell Hurd

Wing Shooting/Upland Hunt                  
Walter Clark (NC) Seller:  Jess Libby

$1000 gift certificate to LL Bean, Cabela's or Orvis                            
Geraldine Porter (ME) Seller:  Brenda Cole

Thank you to all sellers, buyers and winners!!!


The meeting scheduled for March 21 @ 2PM at the Northeastland Hotel in Presque Isle has been cancelled by the Governors latest gathering restrictions. If you know a guide who is not a member please let them know.

We don't want anyone to arrive in Presque Isle and be disappointed.

We plan to reschedule a similar meeting next winter around show time.

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