The 2015 Super Raffle Drawing was held yesterday at the annual general membership meeting in Bangor. The total raised was $19,625.00. Those who sold $700.00 worth of tickets and awarded an MPGA membership are:  Andrew Smart, Charles Busnack and Ryan Shepard. 

Those who sold $1,500.00 worth of tickets and awarded a Henry .22 Magnum are:  Bob Parker (1 gun), Brenda Cole (1 gun), Don Lewis (1 gun), Jess Libby (4 guns!), Jim Butler (1 gun), Sasha Gowell (1 gun) and Tenley Bennett (1 gun).  A total of 10 guns will be awarded in April at the MPGA Annual Banquet.

Trip Winners are as follows:
Fresh or salt Water Fishing 
Randy Gentry(GA) Seller: Jess Libby

Bear over Bait                                      
Kathi Keifer (PA)Seller:  Sean Lizotte

Bear with Hounds
Jeff Johnson (MA)Seller:  Bob Parker

Turkey or Rabbit Hunt                           
Roger Lewis (Canada) Seller:  Don Lewis

Jake Lesch (TX) Seller: Jess Libby

Whitetail Deer                                       
Eric Wrightman  (ME)Seller:  Darrell Hurd

Wing Shooting/Upland Hunt                  
Walter Clark (NC) Seller:  Jess Libby

$1000 gift certificate to LL Bean, Cabela's or Orvis                            
Geraldine Porter (ME) Seller:  Brenda Cole

Thank you to all sellers, buyers and winners!!!


Everyone is experiencing a loss of business over the summer and potential loss of business this fall. Hopefully you are already working to minimize the impacts.

A primary goal of everyone is to make sure that no one gets sick as a result of guiding or being on a guided trip in Maine that includes our families and community members.

What can you do to meet this challenge?

Adapt your business to the new situation make changes in how you do things that improve everyone’s safety.

July 26, 2020 | Read More