Most of you have heard that animal rights groups from Washington DC and New York are behind a ballot issue to ban the most effective means of bear hunting. Regardless of your type of guide business every one of us must be involved in defeating this issue.

For bear guides, this is a direct attack. For those who guide other types of hunters, it doesn't take much foresight to understand that these groups have long opposed all hunting and cannot be allowed to have a foothold in Maine. For those whose guide business does not include hunting, it is essential to keep the guiding business and our association healthy in Maine.

Regardless of opinions on hunting, this is an attack on member guide businesses. For that reason, your MPGA is playing a leadership role in the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council. It will take more than MPGA to win however. 

We need your help!

Send your donations today to the Maine Professional Guides Association 2014 Referendum Campaign, 55 Morrison Hill Road, Wilton, ME 04294

Or click here to make an online donation to save the bear hunt and protect the guide business in Maine. 
The website and Facebook page for the "Save Maine's Bear Hunt" Campaign are now live. Check them out to learn more about the referendum and to get the latest news, or share these links with your friends and family to spread the word.
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