Maine Guide Tips

We have launched a series of information and education articles called "Maine Guide Tips" that you can print and hand out. These now include information about:

  • How hunters created the worlds most successful conservation approach
  • How to avoid "Wanton Waste" when moose hunting
  • How Maine controls the spread of rabies
  • Rules for using Forestry Roads
  • How to identify Spruce Grouse
  • An introduction to the Soft Plastic Fishing Bait issue.

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Everyone is experiencing a loss of business over the summer and potential loss of business this fall. Hopefully you are already working to minimize the impacts.

A primary goal of everyone is to make sure that no one gets sick as a result of guiding or being on a guided trip in Maine that includes our families and community members.

What can you do to meet this challenge?

Adapt your business to the new situation make changes in how you do things that improve everyone’s safety.

July 26, 2020 | Read More