Message from the President

For over 35 years the Maine Professional Guides Association (MPGA) has been leading the way for all of us who make our living in the woods and on the waters of Maine. It's a significant milestone, and one worth celebrating.

Over a century has passed since Cornelia Thurza Crosby, aka "Flyrod Crosby", was issued the very first guide's license, on March 19, 1897. Our guiding tradition pre-dates one of the most famous chroniclers of the Maine woods, Henry David Thoreau.
Since our beginnings, Maine Guides have become synonymous with capable and ethical outdoor leadership. Today, Maine Guides are recognized world-wide for their professionalism, their knowledge of the outdoors, and their ability to develop the kinds of winning relationships that keep visitors coming back.

Over the last 30 plus years the Maine Professional Guides Association has grown to be a diverse group representing a wide range of outdoor pursuits and members. The bottom line, however, remains the same - protecting and enhancing the venerable tradition of guiding while conserving the resources that we all depend on.

All of our members have signed an ethics pledge that contains four key elements:

  • Obey all State and Federal laws.
  • Cooperate with all wildlife officials and landowners.
  • Provide quality service and equipment.
  • Promote conservation and education and put safety above all else.

Our membership is comprised of guides from all regions of the state. We're proud of our reputation as the "group to call" when outdoors issue come up. MPGA members participate in many state government groups focused on Tourism, Conservation, Land Access, Landowners Relations, and various task forces. We sponsor kids attending the Bryant Pond Conservation School every year.

We also employ a lobbyist to represent our collective interests at the State House. Every year brings new challenges and the MPGA brings reasoned perspective to the ever-changing political landscape. That's why it is so important for us to keep our organization vital and active.
If you are looking for a skilled guide for your outdoor adventure in Maine, please search our membership. It's the source for the best guides available.

Above all else, enjoy your time in the outdoors. We all work very hard to provide top-notch guiding services and that's always been our primary goal: a memorable and enjoyable outdoor experience for all of  our clients.


Jeff Bellmore, President