Committee Involvement

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MPGA is operated by a Board of Directors, but it is our Committees that provide the brains and brawn that allow us to stay on top of the issues.

Involvement in a Committee can give you in-depth knowledge of issues, direct contact with various state agency leaders, and contacts with other guides and organizations all that while helping to protect guiding.

Several Committees that members might become involved in are:

  • Fundraising Committee – Help is needed to identify opportunities for major donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. This committee actively looks for ways to raise money through raffles and other means. 
  • Membership Committee – The Membership Committee is vital to MPGA’s existence. It develops member recruitment and retention plans and meets with prospective members and groups.
  • Banquet Committee – MPGA’s annual banquet is held in April. Over 200 members and guests attend every year. Help is needed to organize the event, contact sponsors, and obtain items for a fundraising auction.
  • Show & Events Committee – We currently place a booth at three sports shows in Maine. These weekend events are an opportunity to influence the public, recruit members, and raise funds. Help is always needed to staff the booth and to transport and set up the booth.
  • Bear, Bird, Deer, Moose  Committees – The Committees review issues that affect the hunting of these species, especially rule changes, game management, and landowner relations. Access to land for hunting is potentially at risk due to conservation land purchases and easements. These committees keep tabs on these and other issues in an effort to work with landowners and more in hopes of minimizing the effects of the changes.
  • Fishing Committee – The Fishing Committee consists of guides from the far-reaching corners of the state. Regional coordinators work with other local guides and regional Fisheries biologists to improve fishing opportunities.
  • Recreation Committee – This committee works to bring more recreational opportunities to the state and protect the ones we already have.
  • Legislative committee – The members of this committee work directly with our Lobbyist to review potential bills and strategize to support or oppose bills affecting guides.

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