Maine At A Glance

Photo Credit: Eric Kallen

Maine is a beautiful state with virtually unlimited opportunities for world-class hunting and fishing trips as well as hikes, canoe paddles, and whitewater excursions. 

As one of the largest states on the east coast, Maine has a total area of 33,215 square miles and stretches 405 miles from Kittery, the southernmost town, to Madawaska at the northern tip of the state. Most of Maine’s population of 1.3 million people is concentrated in the southern part of the state and along the coast, leaving an extremely large area of sparsely populated land in which to canoe, camp, fish, hike, hunt, or simply enjoy the spectacular beauty of the forested mountains or the rockbound coast.

Maine’s topography is as diverse as can be expected from such a large and rugged landscape. The western mountains rise to elevations over 3,000 feet and the eastern coast is renowned for its islands, bays, and forested peninsulas. The state boasts over 6,000 lakes and ponds, as well as miles of rivers and streams. These cold, clear waters are home to many species of coldwater fish, and an abundance of land-based wildlife can be found in Maine’s remote forests.

A guide can increase your enjoyment of these amazing places exponentially. They remove the worry of planning and take care of arrangements for travel, food, lodging, and licensing.  They know where the fish, game, and views are. They’ll educate you in their craft and teach you how to cook a shore lunch, entertain you with stories only a guide can tell, and, most importantly, keep you safe in Maine’s remote wilderness. For your next outing, choose a trip with a Maine Guide!

Southern Region

The southern region, which includes the coast, provides a perfect setting for boating enthusiasts. The coastal waters provide great opportunities for sailing and sea kayaking, and there are many inland rivers, streams, lakes and ponds suited for canoeing and motor boating. These waterways offer the angler an array of warm and cold water fish. Hunters will find small game, bobcats, coyote, deer, and wild turkey, as well as puddle and sea ducks. This region is the closest to the centers of population and offers the family vacationer a wide variety of activities.

Coastal “Downeast”

Coastal “Downeast” has something for everyone. The breathtaking, beautiful coast offers sea kayaking, sailing, whale watching, and sea duck hunting. The region’s rivers, lakes, streams and ponds will appeal to all types of anglers, from the experienced to the novice. The Atlantic and landlocked salmon, lake trout, whitefish, brook trout, and smallmouth bass fishing provides the perfect excuse to get away from it all. These waterways are not only for fishing; they offer unlimited recreational opportunities for the entire family. Much to the delight of the hunter, this less populated area is home to bear, deer, coyote, bobcat, moose, and small game. This region also has many lodges and sporting camps that offer accommodations both summer and winter.

Northern Region

The northern region is very sparsely populated, with few tarred roads. This area will provide the visitor with a real sense of wilderness. Mention northern Maine and the first thoughts that come to mind are of the Allagash and St. John Rivers. These two rivers flow through some of the most remote areas of Maine. There are many rivers to be canoed and fished, such as the Aroostook, the Fish, and of course the East and West Branches of the Penobscot. The hunter will find vast areas well suited to small game, bear, cats, coyote, deer, and moose. Many guides have camps and lodges in this region and offer their hospitality to sportsmen and vacationers. For the more adventurous water enthusiasts, rafting is offered on the West Branch of the Penobscot, Upper Kennebec and Upper Dead Rivers. Family vacationing in this region offers a diverse itinerary of camping, canoeing, and hiking. Winter visitors will find extensive snowmobile trails as well as cross country ski trails.

Western Region

The western region is the most mountainous area of Maine and is noted for excellent hunting and fishing of all game species. This area is also well suited to fall and winter activities. There are many downhill ski areas and your guide can provide you with unforgettable experiences on cross country skis, snowshoes, or snowmobiles. The region is mixed hard and softwood which provides a unique opportunity to view the fall foliage from the canoe or tote road. The Kennebec River is rafted from the dam at Indian Pond to The forks. The unique and thrilling Kennebec Gorge can only be seen from a raft and is an experience like no other.

Maine is a four season state. The outdoor experiences that your guide can provide in one season can be very different than the same trip in another season. We urge you to enjoy the Maine outdoor experience in all seasons.