New Mem​bers Welcome

The Maine Professional Guides Association is an organization representing a large majority of Maine's working guides - full time and part time. We were organized in 1979 for the purpose of upgrading the status and prestige of the profession, as well as to engage in legislative activities with sufficient vigor so as to have a positive impact in matters concerning Maine outdoor sports in general and Maine Guides specifically.

We are proud to have maintained a fine working relationship with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and other state agencies, and we continually work with them for the benefit of our State's natural resources.

When the cost of liability insurance went sky-high, and in some cases became unavailable at any price, the Association went out and found a way to bring affordable insurance to its members. This insurance continues to be a major benefit of membership, as North Maine Woods and other land owners require commercial operators to show proof of insurance.

The Pro-Plan allows purchases from major manufacturers and retail stores at special discount prices.

A newly licensed guide will find a valuable source of information and experience from the membership and this sharing of information, while a somewhat intangible benefit is never-the-less an important and valuable one.

Our logo is shown above. It is available as a patch and decal to identify you as a proud professional guide. New members will receive a patch and a decal along with their membership credentials.

Membership Categories:

Voting members must be licensed as guides in the State of Maine. Corporate sponsors and non-licensed individuals are also welcome but are not allowed to vote.

  • Regular Annual Member - Licensed Guide, membership runs for 12 months.
  • Life Member - Licensed Guide, pays a one time fee.
  • Benefactor Member - A Life Member who makes an additional annual dues donation.
  • Corporate Member - A supporting business or corporation. Not eligible for member benefits. Has no voting rights.
  • Associate Member - A supporting non-voting, non-licensed member. Not eligible for member benefits.

All guides purchasing their memberships and renewals online are agreeing to abide by the code of ethics at the bottom of this page.

To print and mail a manual application to join - click this link

To print a membership renewal invoice - click this link


Subscription Type Price
Introductory Membership
(First time member; licensed guides only)
Annual Renewal or Returning Membership
(per year)
Annual Renewal or Returning Membership (Age 70 to 79)
Special Senior Annual Member Rate
Annual Renewal or Returning Membership (Age 80 or older)
Special Senior Annual Member Rate
Couples membership
(2 guides - married or domestic partners with same address $127.50 each - PAY SEPARATELY)
Life Membership
(one time fee)
Life membership (Age 70 to 79)
Special Senior Life Member Rate
Life membership (Age 80 or older)
Special Senior Life Member Rate
A life member who makes an annual dues donation.
Associate Membership
(Non-voting, guide license not required)
Corporate Membership
(Non-voting, guide license not required)

Code of Ethics:

I willfully cooperate with state and federal wildlife officials and will abide by, and advise my client of all applicable conservation and game laws, statutes and regulations a​nd will not condone their violation.

I will maintain serviceable equipment and gear in good working condition. When providing bedding or other personal equipment, it will be clean and sufficient for weather conditions likely to be encountered. I will employ well-trained, courteous and sufficient personnel to adequately care for guests, and facilitate rendering the services offered. I will maintain a neat and orderly camp at all times.
Rates, accommodations and services will be clearly defined for prospective clients prior to booking and acceptance of down payment. I will not misrepresent rates, service accommodations nor otherwise mislead prospective clients through false or fictitious advertising. I will at all times conduct my operation and services in an ethical and business-like manner.

I will honestly advise my clients of fish and game populations in the area. However, I will make no "guarantees" as to the success of a fishing or hunting trip. I will make every effort to fully acquaint my clients with all the conditions of weather, terrain, equipment, travel and housing they may expect on the trip, and to advise them as to guns, equipment, clothing and other gear they must furnish, and the approximate degree of physical endurance, agility, strength and skill required to enhance their experience while afield.

I will at all times cooperate fully with private landowners, and public land management agencies, and will respect their rights and privileges.

I will at all times provide for the safety and well being of my clients and all other individuals that I may encounter in the course of my guiding experiences.