The Maine Professional Guides Association will be holding the annual Maine Moose Calling Championship for the fourth time this spring.

Regional qualifying competitions will be held at sportsman’s shows throughout the state: the Eastern Maine Sportsman’s Show at the University of Maine Field House, Orono at 11:15 AM Sunday March 8th; the Presque Isle Sportsman’s Show at the University of Maine at Presque Isle Gentile Building 1 PM Saturday March 21 st and the State of Maine Sportsman’s Show at the Augusta Civic Center 1 PM Saturday March 28th. This year, a new regional competition has been added in Bethel, in the Gould Academy Auditorium at 6 PM on June 12th. The entry fee is $20 per contestant. Contestants may compete at multiple qualifying events if they wish.

Only first and second place winners at each qualifying event will be sent on to the final competition, which will be held at the statewide Moose Lottery Drawing in Bethel. Prizes are $500 for first place in the finals, $300 for second and $200 for third.

Each contestant has 7-10 minutes for their presentation, and are judged the quality of their: Bull Moose Call, Cow Moose Call, Other Attraction Techniques (the use of decoys, brush, or other noisemakers – no electronic calls allowed) and Presentation/Showmanship (stage presence, creative use of props and stories).

A youth section for those under 16 will take place before each competition. There is no entry fee for the kids, and a brief lesson from an experienced guide will take place before the youth round, so all experience levels are encouraged to participate. Like the adults, the top young callers will be invited to the finals at the Moose Lottery in Bethel.

Further information is available from the Maine Professional Guides Association Executive Director Don Kleiner at


The meeting scheduled for March 21 @ 2PM at the Northeastland Hotel in Presque Isle has been cancelled by the Governors latest gathering restrictions. If you know a guide who is not a member please let them know.

We don't want anyone to arrive in Presque Isle and be disappointed.

We plan to reschedule a similar meeting next winter around show time.

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