Recreational hunting and fishing can be a powerful contributor to state and local communities, bringing in outside dollars that generate additional spending, supporting and creating jobs, and building future investments in open spaces and recreational areas. The Maine Office of Tourism and Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (DIF&W) commissioned studies of the state's sporting population to examine statewide and regional hunting and fishing activity as well as the characteristics of hunting and fishing trips including the duration, purpose, destination, lodging and amenities associated with resident and visiting anglers. Drawing from license sales records and survey-based information, these reports focus on the economic contributions associated with spending in Maine by freshwater anglers; resident and nonresident hunters.

The results of the studies can be found here:

Maine Fishing Economics

Maine Hunting Economics

Maine Hunting and Fishing Market Report

There is good information for any business that depends on hunters and anglers. Take a minute and look it over!


The meeting scheduled for March 21 @ 2PM at the Northeastland Hotel in Presque Isle has been cancelled by the Governors latest gathering restrictions. If you know a guide who is not a member please let them know.

We don't want anyone to arrive in Presque Isle and be disappointed.

We plan to reschedule a similar meeting next winter around show time.

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