The Maine Professional Guides Association sponsored a super raffle to benefit the Maine Wildlife Conservation Council and the Save Maine’s Bear Hunt Campaign. Raffle sales began on April 1 and four winners were drawn on Sunday, August 24.

Despite the fact that the US Postal Service prohibits the solicitation and sale of raffle tickets in the mail, grassroots volunteers- including guides and sportsmen- sold over 11,600 tickets, resulting in an projected net gain of $116,000 for the Save Maine’s Bear Hunt Campaign.

Winners were drawn and given their choice (in order) of available prizes. They were contacted on Sunday, August 24 and Monday, August 25.


• First Prize (Katahdin Cedar Log Home Cabin)- Jason Legere, Steep Falls

Second Prize (Catarosa Whitetail Hunt)- John Keister, Norridgewock, Maine

Third Prize (Grand Laker Canoe Package)- Ethel Jones, Vinalhaven, Maine.

Fourth Prize (Libby Camps Fly Fishing Trip)- Tony Battisa, Cairo, New York

*Note: We are still trying to contact Tony Battisa of the fourth place prize. We have been unable to do so to date.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this fundraiser such as great success! We also wish to thank the Maine Professional Guides Association and its members for administering this raffle and helping to sell thousands of tickets.


The meeting scheduled for March 21 @ 2PM at the Northeastland Hotel in Presque Isle has been cancelled by the Governors latest gathering restrictions. If you know a guide who is not a member please let them know.

We don't want anyone to arrive in Presque Isle and be disappointed.

We plan to reschedule a similar meeting next winter around show time.

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