President’s Message

From the rich history of Maine guiding to our commitment to conservation and ethics, Brandon’s message embodies the essence of what we stand for. Take a moment to delve into his words and learn why MPGA is the premier choice for your outdoor adventures in Maine.

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Thank you for your interest in the Maine Professional Guides Association! Our members are professional outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen who make a living in the woods and on the waters of Maine. Obtaining the revered guide’s patch is not an easy undertaking, and it’s worth celebrating and sharing with others. 

Maine’s guiding history is long and storied. Over a century has passed since Cornelia Thurza Crosby, aka “Flyrod Crosby”, was issued the very first guide’s license, on March 19, 1897. Maine’s guide traditions go back even further than that to one of the most famous chroniclers of the Maine woods, Henry David Thoreau.  Thoreau was guided by the Penobscot Nation’s Joseph Attean in 1853.  Attean shows up in many of Thoreau’s writings.

Since our inception in 1979, the Maine Professional Guides Association has come to represent competent and ethical outdoor leadership.  Obtaining a guide’s patch in Maine is arguably tougher than anywhere else in the country,  and our guides are known worldwide for their expertise in the outdoors.  We’re here to facilitate a fun and memorable adventure while keeping our clients safe. We take strides to build the kind of lasting bonds that entice guests to return year after year to enjoy our amazing wild places.

All of our members are vetted and have signed an ethics pledge that contains four key elements:

  • Obey all State and Federal laws.
  • Cooperate with all wildlife officials and landowners.
  • Provide quality service and equipment.
  • Promote conservation and education and put safety above all else.

If you choose one of our guides for your outdoor excursions in Maine, you’ll be choosing the best in the state. 

Enjoy your time in our beautiful state. Our guides’ main objective is to give each one of their clients an amazing, safe and pleasurable outdoor experience. I wish you the best experience possible in Maine’s woods and waters. 


Brandon Lane, President

3 hikers at the top of Mount Katahdin
Photo Credit: Candace Sabol

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