User Login Instructions 


How To Update Your Information

As a new or returning member, you will need to edit both the Account and Guide Profile pages, and create your User Name, and Password.

Member Login Instructions for the New Maine Guides Website

Great news, we now have a new and improved MPGA website! This new site has many enhancements and updates to aid in promoting and supporting Maine Guides, as well as helping potential customers find the right guide.

In order to access the Members Only pages you will need to have and use your unique User Name and Password.  If you do not have one - you will need to create them or request assistance from us.

Instructions for first-time login and changing your password

1. Go to  For best results, use Chrome or FireFox as your web browser

2. On the upper right side, Under the Username and Password boxes, Click ‘Forgot your password’

3. On the next screen, Enter the Email* address associated with your account *If another user  shares your email address, you will need to contact the association directly to have your email changed, as each account must have its own unique email address. *If you do not know what the email address is that we have on file (i.e. if you should have more than one email address) - you can send an email requesting this information to

4. Click the ‘E-mail new password’ button

5. You will then receive an email from\
     a. Minimize your screen (click on the -- icon in the upper right hand corner of the page)
     b. Open the received email and follow instructions provided and receive your temporary user name and password. Be sure to check your junk or spam folder if you don’t receive this email within a few minutes.

6. You must Click the link provided to you in the email, this will bring you back to the MPGA website and key in your provided Username and temporary password.
This link can only be used once to log in and will lead you to a page where you can set your password. It expires after one day and nothing will happen if it's not used.

7. Click the ‘Log in’ button  This will take you to a screen where you can update some of your profile information, as well as your password, username, and email

8. Change your password by typing a new password into the Password and Confirm Password boxes
     To make your password stronger: Make it at least 6 characters Add lowercase letters Add uppercase letters Add numbers Add punctuation

9. Make Note of your Username and Password, they will be required to log back into the site

10.Click Save at the bottom of the page (If you have trouble please send us an email for assistance!)

Instructions for editing Guide Profiles on the New Maine Guides Website

1. Go to  For best results, use Chrome or FireFox as your web browser

2. On the upper right side, Enter your Username and Password Once successfully signed in you will see a red Member Services button in place of the Username field

3. Click on the red Member Services button on the upper right side, in order to view and edit your profile.

Profile Notes

Standard Profile

The Guide Profile is needed for information that will show on your profile page when a client is searching for a guide.

For this you need to provide on the Guide Profile page:

1    Display name - Your name as it will appear on the search pages (example Robert may be your name but you go by Bob - and you want Bob to show up - enter Bob Smith. Do not put your Business name here as there is another place for that and it will appear when entered.  If you put your business name here - your name will not show up anywhere in the search.)

2    Your Guide Licenses Type(s)

3    Your permanent guides license number

4    Identify all activities you actually guide for

5.   Your mailing address (where do you want correspondence, payment, etc. from clients to go?) Use only the 1st address line.  “Town” field is linked to the search feature.

6    Your Physical address - if different from your mailing address and you want to provide a physical address for GPS use etc. OR if you guide from a different location then where you live (does not have to be a physical address - you can enter town's, camp address, rivers, lakes, etc here) Second address line will not show anywhere.  “Town”  field is linked to the search feature.

7    Your website address ( if you have one

8    Your Company name if you have one

9    Identify the WMD's you guide in (list each separated with a comma - if more than one) or you will not be appear in the search results listed by location

10    Short Description: Type a short description to show what you offer  (Max 250 characters)- This will give the viewer a quick glance at you and then will click on your Learn More button to see your pictures and more information for the Profile identified below.



This allows you to use up to 500 words to describe your services and the words in this field will pull from the description search function so use Key words that someone will search by in the listing. ie... if you offer fly fishing for trout - make sure fly fishing and trout is part of your description.

11    Slide show images - Upload your 5 FREE  pictures. Note pictures cannot exceed 2MB each.   All five pictures will show in a rotating slide show.

12    Profile URL - enter your business name or your name - NO Spaces - no punctuation - no www. - no .com  (IMPORTANT) this is going to create a "LEARN MORE" button for potential clients to view your free picture and description - makes a really nice presentation.  This also will create a unique URL, that you will find when you hit your member services button, that you can give potential clients so they go directly to your information page

13    Your phone number and an alternate phone number

14    Your email address.

Once all your information is updated - hit SAVE.

Go back to the Home Page

Click on the Member services Button again then continue with editing your Account information

Instructions for editing Account Information on the New Maine Guides Website

Account Notes

The Account information is needed to keep your information current for mailing, emails and phone numbers.  This information is necessary for the association to keep you updated with the e-newsletters, emails, alerts, and hard copy newsletters.

1    First name

2    Middle name

3    Last name

4    User name (can be changed at any time)

5    Email Address (Please keep updated)

6    Password (Make this something you can remember – can be changed)

7    Confirm Password

8    Click on the drop-down and chose YES  if you DO NOT want us to send you email correspondence

9  Date of Birth

10  Mailing Address (note use only the 1st line here)

11  Physical Address (note use only the 1st line here)

12  Primary Phone #

13  Alternative Phone #

14  Email Address

Please keep both the Account and your Profile updated and current!

Reminder - NEW

PLEASE NOTE – IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU CREATE your profile URL (which is necessary in order for the green "Learn More" button to appear in the search field) that will show your complete profile page including the pictures you have uploaded.  ALSO – make sure you add a description of what you do as part of your extended profile.  Use words that someone would search by.  This means that if you offer fly fishing for trout then someone searches using the word “trout”, or “fly fishing” (etc.) your name will come up. 

Lastly - Update your WMD field!