What We Do

The Maine Professional Guides Association takes a range of actions to fulfill its mission of protecting the profession, incomes and outdoor heritage of Maine guides, and maintaining the natural resources they depend upon. We work closely with many government departments and committees and play an active role in the legislative process, doing everything we can to promote legislation that has a positive impact on the guiding community. We also distribute important information to guides and the public through our newsletter and our website, and by attending sportsman shows and events.

Some of MPGA’s major activities for achieving its mission are:

  • Monitoring new and proposed rules and legislation that affect the guiding industry, the fisheries, the wildlife and the natural resources of the state, and other areas that have potential impact on the guiding profession.
  • Engaging in legislative and rule-making activities with sufficient vigor so as to have a positive impact in matters concerning Maine’s outdoor sports in general and Maine Guides specifically.
  • Maintaining a close working relationship with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, the Department of Conservation, the Department of Marine Resources and other state agencies, and continually works with them for the benefit of Maine’s natural resources.
  • Participating in nearly every state government subcommittee including Tourism, Conservation, Land Access, Landowners Relations, River Trust and various task forces.

               For example:   Keeping Maine’s Forests

  • Working to upgrade the status and prestige of the profession by promoting credentials and qualifications that exceed the requirements of law.
  • Sponsoring youths attending Conservation Camp every year.
  • Providing members and supporters of guides with a bi-weekly e-newsletter and e-newsletter BLASTS on time sensitive issues to keep you infomed and on top of important news and issues.
  • Creating and updating new a website with a searchable directory of member Guides and information important to Guides and their customers.
  • Holding an annual banquet where Guides, Legislators and friends of the Association can gather to share information, develop contacts, and celebrate the Guiding Profession and the MPGA’s achievements.
  • Attending sportsman shows and events to increase contacts and share information on issues with the public, members and non-member guides.
3 hikers at the top of Mount Katahdin
Photo Credit: Candace Sabol

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