Mission of the Maine Professional Guides Association

"Higher Purpose"

The Maine Professional Guides Association's (MPGA) overall mission is to protect and enhance the profession, incomes and outdoor heritage of Maine guides, and to maintain the natural resources they and their customers depend upon.

MPGA Mission:

Through cooperation with other groups, political action, and public education, the Maine Professional Guides Association aims to preserve natural resources and the traditions of guiding and outdoor recreation. We work with other groups such as federal agencies, industry, agricultural interests, and other sporting and conservation organizations to solve problems involving natural resource conservation and outdoor recreation. The MPGA also actively sponsors or opposes legislation that affects the Maine guides or the natural resources they depend on. Additionally, we also work to preserve good relationships between sportsmen and landowners, and support education to promote good sportsmanship and ethics, firearm safety, and responsible use of natural resources.

 The Maine Professional Guides Association's stated purposes are to:

  1. Work cooperatively with the Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, the Department of Conservation, the Department of Marine Resources and other state and federal agencies on issues that will improve or promote the interests of professional Maine Guides, enhance the image of Maine Guides, encourage the wise use of renewable natural resources and ensure the future of traditional forms of outdoor recreation.
  2. Work cooperatively with industry, agricultural interests, government, sporting and conservation groups whose overall objectives are not inconsistent with those of the Corporation, to arrive at workable and logical solutions to problems related to guiding, outdoor recreation and the use of natural resources.
  3. Actively participate in writing, sponsoring and supporting legislation or regulation at the state and federal levels to promote or enhance the interests of professional Maine Guides, and to conserve the natural resources that are essential to the future of the guiding profession.
  4. Vigorously oppose legislation or regulation that would be harmful to professional Maine Guides or the guiding profession, or that would directly and negatively impact natural resources that are essential to the future of guiding or that would unnecessarily restrict hunting, fishing or other related activities that have traditionally involved the use of Maine Guides.
  5. Cultivate a feeling of good will and mutual understanding through proper recognition and respect of the rights of others insofar as they relate to the ownership or management of property, the enjoyment and lawful use of natural resources and the enforcement of laws and regulations.
  6. Protect, support, encourage and promote the safe and legal ownership and use of firearms through education, training, demonstration, dissemination of information and support of appropriate legislation.

Encourage, by education, training, demonstration, dissemination of information and support of appropriate legislation, a high level of sportsmanship, ethical behavior and respect for the rights of others when using firearms or participating in any form of outdoor activity or sport that is directly or otherwise reasonably related to the interest of the Corporation.